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Youth Fellowship

Join on a Sunday afternoon twice each month.  We always have fun, laughter, learning, sharing and caring... and usually a snack or two!

Our schedule for November:

November 9th, 3:00pm thru 4:30pm.  Bring your friends & join us for discussion, fellowship and games.

November 16th, 3:00 thru 4:30pm. We'll have fun, food and fellowship. 

       We'll see you there!

What Could be Better?

The High School lunch program is temporarily suspended.  It should resume again very soon.  When it does, we'll all enjoy a great meal and a short devotion time.

Sunday School News:

In 2013, our totally awesome congregation provided such a generous donation of $1,500. to the Heifer Project International. The youth of the church had a “fun” event when selecting animals for this year’s project. You will be hearing about their purchases during a church service; but, for those who aren’t there and want to know how your contributions were spent, here is the list:

    1 Water Buffalo  ($250.00)
    2 Heifer (shares)  ($100.00)
    4 Trio of Rabbits  ($240.00)
    4 Honeybee Hives  ($240.00)
    1 Flock of Hope which includes ducks, geese, chickens, etc.  ($60.00)
    1 Tree Seedling  ($60.00)
    1 Gardener's Basket  ($170.00)
    1 Goat ($120.00) 
    2 Sheep ($240.00) 
    1 Flock of Chicks  ($20)

These gifts will help many families. Thanks to all of you who donated…… is truly appreciated. The kids are already excited and talking about next year and the goal of trying to buy an Ark. Heifer project is coming again in the not-too-distant future. We will be giving you more details as the Breakfast and Fund Raising campaign details are available.

Christian Education Committee
Sarah Oliver, Chairperson

Are You Ready for Super Bowl 2015?

We may be ahead of ourselves, but it may be time to start guessing just who will win the 2015 Super Bowl!

Every year there's a Super Bowl!  Professional football teams will compete up until the first part of the year to see just who is best.  Two teams will come out on top, and a final championship game will be played.  During that time, many will celebrate with parties, abundant food, friendship and fellowship.   But at the same time, there will be many people that worry about staying warm, finding shelter and eating a warm meal.  In 1990, a Super Bowl Sunday prayer inspired a group of Presbyterian young people to create "The Souper Bowl of Caring." This is now a national movement lead by churches and youth groups to share some of our bounty with those most in need.

Each year, at the close of our worship service, our youth will be at the door of our sanctuary with buckets that you can help fill with $1 or more or a can of food.  All the money and food collected by our youth will be donated to our local Community Helpers Food Pantry Program.

Are you ready for Soper Bowl of 2015!  MMXV is just around the corner!

Do You Have a Heart for our Children?

The Christian Education Committee is looking to add some new members to its committee. If you would like to be a part of this wonderful ministry, please contact Lyn Sundblad for more information.

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